Ciao  All!

I'm new for this list and I beg your pardon if following is a FAQ.
I've installed all gimp versions 1.3.x and all have the same problem with
Script-Fu -> Buttons and some Logos
Even if I use the default settings all what I get is part of the shape of
button and the text is displayed only on a few pixel-lines.

Running gimp-1.3 from a shell I see:
gimp-1.3: Could not open module

After a few seraches I found that there isn't any plugin-modules directory
of course, the required file.

I made some searcehs with google but without any usefule result.

Where is the problem???

P.S. Of course with versions 1-2.x everything is OK.

Ciao.  Stefano             - wmw -

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