Ahhhhhhhh! I see the problem. (I think)

Does this sound familiar? You are writing your own script based on the Gimp's 
glowing_steel script. You made the changes you wanted and asked the Gimp to 
show your new script (BrushedMaterial) in the <Image>/Filters/Render/ menu. 
But it's not showing up.

Assuming that's the case, I think I have the answer. There are two things 
you'll need to do:

First, you are currently trying to register your new script with the same name  
as an existing script. When gimp sees two scripts with the same name, it 
tosses out the second one, throwing up a "Gimp-WARNING **: removing duplicate 
PDB procedure <whatever>." So, in your script, change:

register "brushed_metal"    to:   register "BrushedMaterial"

Second, Gimp keeps a cache of every plug-in that it has seen. When it gets two 
scripts with the same name, it might cache erroneous information. The best 
way to solve this is to force Gimp to re-generate the cache file. To do this, 
just delete the cache:

rm ~/.gimp-1.2/pluginrc

The next time you load the Gimp, it'll rebuild its cache file (so it'll be a 
bit slower to start up), and your new script should appear in the menu.


> As I have already posted in yesterdays' mailboard, there is some problem
> with registering scripts in the script- fu database. 1.) Prompting the
> scripts' name as commandline in the script- fu console does not create any
> impact, although the scripts are stored in the proper scripts directory of
> the actual gimp version. 2.) When Browsing the disk for the scripts (in the
> conso9le window too) the distinct scripts folder cannot be found nor
> accessed. 3.) Furthermore the scripts contain automatic registering methods
> for registering two methods per script in the database and make them
> allocateable in the pop- up menu. The automated registering looks like
> this:
> register "brushed_metal",
>   "Create a brushed metal surface effect",
>   "Use...",
>   "...",
>   "<Image>/Filters/Render/BrushedMaterial",
>   [ distinct defined parameters ],
>   \&perl_fu_brushed_metal;
> How-o-ever, the scripts cannot be accessed through commands neither in the
> popup- menu nor in the main menu. How else can I access and call the two
> methods of the script?

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