sön 2002-06-09 klockan 22.15 skrev Thomas:
> hi everybody,
> i am a real newbie with gimp, and i just want to know something about
> the text tool.
> is it possible to modify text we just added?
> if it is possible,then how can i do that?
> e.g. : a simple background layer, then the text tool, then "anchor",
> then how can i modify the text?
If I need to modify text that has already been anchored I use the
"select contiguous regions" tool to select all the characters and then
do the modifying, like running a gradient over them or beveling. This
doesn't work, however, if the text is smoothed or otherwise blended with
colors. But not anchoring the text to begin with is probably the best
way to go...

//Christian Gundersson

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