[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-06-18 at 1442.30 +0200):
> I have yet to see the "anchor layer" menu item activated. It seems
> always to be greyed out. Is this normal?

That is for floating layer, an old thing... I think it will disappear
in the future. Basically every time someone sees "floating layer" in
the dialog he should hit "new layer" button and keep working.

> When I use the standard text tool and click on my background, a font
> dialog pops up, and I can select all the desired font
> characteristics. None of these are reflected in the "preview"
> window, into which I've typed my text. Then when I click "OK",
> absolutely nothing at all happens, except that the dialog
> disappears. No text appears on the background. I'm fairly sure I'm
> not creating text in the background colour, too. So, is the standard
> text tool just unusably broken, or am I missing some vital step or
> doing something else really dumb?

Dunno, maybe out of screen or weird colour. You should forget about it
anyway, use GDynText or the FreeType one.

> So, I try the dynamic text tool. Much better, at least I can get
> text to appear, and the preview *does* show me all the selected
> characteristics. Placement is always at top left of the background
> layer, on a separate GDynText layer. To position the text I have to
> then position the text layer over the background. Not much of a
> problem. However, I can't anchor this layer. "Merge down" works, but
> then of course the text becomes one with everything and is no longer
> separately manipulable.

You can move it, and you can edit that layer and it will keep the new
position. Merging down the layer is bad if you really do not need, cos
you lose the edit feature, as well as the option to move the text. If
you use GDynText in a GDynText layer, you ented edit mode (it has some
bugs about forgeting the encoding, but it is pretty nice).

> Now, maybe I don't actually *need* to anchor the text - however, a
> great many articles and tutorials about the Gimp make use of this
> feature, which seems to me to be permanently disabled. Have I
> fundamentally misunderstood something here?

OK, my prefered method for text: GDynText and keep the layers as they
are, except renaming them to "T: <the text or at least the begining>".
Plain tool is not an option, nor good rendering nor save info, and the
FreeType based text tool, while good rendering, does not keep the info
for edition (my usage requires more editing than very high quality).

For the record: what I have heard is that next version will have good
quality and save info feature. Current solutions are band aids and
will be kept in 1.2 (only bugs are solved in 1.2).

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