Thus spoke John Culleton
> Very good! Now, when you laid out your tiff, of course you had an allowance
> for the thickeness of the spine, based on the printer's ppi. Did you also 
> leave an allowance for the thickness of the cover itself? 

(Sorry it took so long to reply)

No.  I'm not sure why I'd need to.  The width of the spine was enough to
cover that.

> And did you add anything to the nominal width & height for trim? 

Yes.  The amount depends on what the printer asks for.  I produced
background images that would cover the trim or bleed.  So if the image
wasn't large enough for that, I just resized the canvas and then resized
the background.  Everything else remained the same.

Note that in the version I used for my book, I couldn't do this as easily
as you can now.  

> In other words, for 5.5 x 8.5, with a ppi of 500 and 250 pages, is the width
> of the tiff exactly 11.5 inches or a little more? Is the height 8.5 or a 
> little more? 

I did my calculations more simply:

front width x front height = front and back sizes
spine size = spine width x spine height

Total size = front size + back size + spine size

Add appropriate amounts for trim/bleed.

Make the artwork on layers with the background used for adjusting for bleed
and trim needs.  Center the rest of the layers appropriately on the

> Thanks so much for your help.

No problem.  You can see my book cover at, lower left corner of the

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