Hi there.

I have a closed outline on an otherwise transparent layer. I want to fill the area 
inside the outline, but not the area outside the outline. More accurately, I want to 
achieve the *effect* of a filled outline surrounded by transparency - it doesn't have 
to happen on the layer with the outline :-)

Using the fill tool, I can only fill inside the outline if the outline is on a white 
or black layer. Using "sample merged" in the fill tool, I can create a filled shape on 
a lower white or black layer too, of course. It is as if the fill tool can only work 
on non-transparent points. Switching "keep trans" off on the layer to be filled 
doesn't make a difference.

If I could start with a white or black layer, fill inside the outline with my chosen 
pattern, then fill outside the outline with transparency, that would solve the problem 
too. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to fill an area with transparency, 
only with a colour.

Short of freehand selecting my (complicated) outline and filling the selected area, is 
there any way to fill an outline on a transparent layer?

Yours hopefully,

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