Gimp does not have a colour eraser "tool". It does have a colour to 
alpha plugin though. By default the plugin will remove the selected 
colour from the whole image. To constrain this you will need to make a 
selection befor running the plugin.


Karl Auer wrote:
> Hi there.
> Is there an eraser tool that will erase only a specific colour? That is, that will 
>selectively erase only those points it passes over that are of a particular color. 
>For example, you have an image with a line on it that you don't want. You use the 
>dropper to pick up some of the line colour, then tell the eraser to erase only that 
> Similarly (and related to my previous question about filling outlines on transparent 
>layers) is there a cousin to the fill tool that selects a region based on colour? 
>Just as the fill tool works out towards a colour boundary and then fills inside the 
>boundary, so this tool would work out to a colour boundary and then select the area 
>within it.
> Other (much more primitive) "paint" programs have such tools, but I haven't located 
>them in the GIMP.
> As I use the GIMP more and more, it is becoming clear to me that some simple things 
>have very complicated solutions - apparently the price to pay for having very simple 
>solutions to complicated things :-)
> Regards, K.
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