Hi!  Ok, I have gcc-3.1.1 (20020701 snapshot) installed on my Slackware
Linux 8.0 system and perl 5.6.1 will NOT build "out of the box" with
gcc-3.1, but perl 5.8.0 will.  So, I installed perl 5.8.0-RC1 and then
built gimp-1.2.3 and gimp-1.3.7.

I'm still encountering problems with gimp hanging X when I use certain
features, mainly Script-Fu features (like making logos from
Xtns->Script-Fu->Logos or using Perl-o-tine which uses Script-Fu and

I gimp-1.2.3 or gimp-1.3.7 compatible with perl 5.8.0?  I'm wondering if
this is part of my instability problem.  Most recently, when I use
"Perl-o-tine" to "carve up" an image for  a web page, I will see one or
two windows from Perl-o-tine doing it's thing then desktop hangs.  My
mouse pointer still moves, but I can't click anything.  Ctrl-Alt-F1 can
be used to swtich to a console session that I can ue to kill gimp, but
the ONLY way to get control back is to send a "HUP" to X, which resets
everything.  I'm running XFree86 4.2.0 with a NEW GeForce2 MX-200 PCI
video card w/ 32 MB of RAM.  I'm running on a Pentium II 350 MHz w/ 196
MB of RAM.

I'm not sure when the "stable" version of perl 5.8.0 will be released
and I would like to know if the gimp is compatible with this version of

Thanks!  :)



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