Hello there.

I seem to recall the question being asked already, but I don't recall any reply. The 
mailing list archives don't throw any light on the subject either.

Under Linux, running the GIMP version 1.2.3, there is no support for the GIF file 
format. A search of the plugins repository shows up a Windows extension, but that's 
it. Can the Windows one be used for Linux, and if so, how? If not, how do I get GIF 
support into the GIMP for Linux? I'd specifically like to produce images with a 
transparent background and animations.

One suggestion from the list was to produce some other format and convert it with 
ImageMagick - this works for transparency (create a PNG and convert to a GIF). Has 
anyone had experience with this path to animated GIFs?

It would be nicer to be able to produce the final result directly from the GIMP of 

Yours hopefully, K.

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