> On Tuesday 16 July 2002 17:17, mercy ukonline wrote:
> > I'm really excited about learning more about Gimp.  I used to use
> > Paint Shop Pro in windows like it was going out of style :)
> >
> > Now, i find myself in a foreign program, trying to figure out how to
> > do the same things I did in PSP.  It is rather straight forward, but
> > I admit - I miss my plugins! :)

Patrick writes:
> I believe you will find Gimp & Linux to be a very big step forward in 
> your graphics & operating system use.  Gimp has many plugins already 
[ ... ]
> Your Linux distro should have included Grokking the Gimp, at least our 

I also came to gimp from Paintshop Pro (and had used Photoshop LE a
little).  PSP has a very intuitive and simple interface -- mainly
because it doesn't have that many options and you don't need to use
layers to do anything.  When I started using gimp more, I was frustrated 
at having to do what seemed like extra steps, and at having all those
extra windows (like the layers dialog) cluttering the screen, and at
things sometimes not working (because I had the wrong layer selected).
Well, okay, sometimes I still get frustrated by that. :-)

Grokking the Gimp (online at gimp-savvy.com) was what finally changed my
mind -- I followed a few of the projects in the online book and started
to realize how much more I could do with the gimp, and then ordered the
book and read it  and now I can't imagine how I ever got by without
having flexible Levels dialogs and at least four layers in every image.
:-) The tutorials on gimp.org and carol.gimp.org are also helpful.

I never used PSP plugins, so I can't compare them to gimp plugins,
but certainly there are lots of gimp plugins so it's worth spending
some time exploring the menus.

> know what distribution of Linux you are running, but you may find a 
> program or two that works much the same as your PSP, there are several 

I haven't seen one.  I have used xv for simple things (crop/resize
or dark/light) but its user interface isn't particularly intuitive
or modern.  There are lots of image viewing programs around, but
my guess is that most developers figure the gimp is too much competition
and nobody really wants a medium-sized image editing program; better
to channel that energy into improving the gimp.

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