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>Hello :)
>I'm new to this list & to linux.
>I'm really excited about learning more about Gimp.  I used to use Paint
>Shop Pro in windows like it was going out of style :)
>Now, i find myself in a foreign program, trying to figure out how to do
>the same things I did in PSP.  It is rather straight forward, but I
>admit - I miss my plugins! :)
>I have read that filter factory plugins do work with gimp.  Can someone
>direct me to a howto page for installing them for use in gimp?  I'm not
>sure how to do that...
>I look forward to getting to know everyone, and the Gimp :)

Hi Mercy,
Welcome to the Gimping community.
Filter factory plugins will not work in the Linux version of Gimp, but only 
in the Windows version; these plugins are, after all, binaries coded for 
Windows! If you are looking for special effects, there
are several in the "Filters" menu and more yet in the "Script fu" menu. You 
can spend days checking out all the possibilities and you will find some of 
the things you did with PS/PSP plugins, but more
importantly you will find things you could not do.
Also, check out different Gimp sites (official and non-official) and you 
will find a number of tutorials on creating special effects.
If you still can't find what you are looking for, pose the question to the 
list; there are several high-power Gimp users here who will give you some help.

Denis McCauley

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