I want to erase the edges of a GIF or PNG to make it look as though it has
been torn out of a magazine.  I can erase to a white background around the
edges but can't figure out how to make that transparent.  The reason that
the 'background' must be transparent is that the graphic is to be placed
over another graphic but I can't get rid of that straight-edged white
square formed by the white 'background'.

On another matter, has anyone ever discussed the possibility of a
searchable archive?   It would save the bandwidth being cluttered up by
obvious newbie questions like mine.  I went to the thread and sequential
views and tried searching for 'transparen' but got fed up after opening
three or four months' archives.   Anyone with FrameMaker would be aware of
the searchable list archive at <>, if anyone
wants to look at examples.

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