Hi Jack -

No, you're not thinking too much like a programmer.  This sounds like a 
perfect candidate for a script-fu.  How fluent are you in scheme?

In outline, you want to 

        a) open your original image with its 4 layers
        b) in a loop, duplicate it into a new image (gimp-channel-ops-duplicate) 
        c) select the desired layers
        d) do whatever else you want to do
        e) flatten/merge-visible-layers  and
        f) save the duplicated image.

My own choice would be to write this as an interactive script, where you 
simply call it with the original image already open.  You could then let the 
script generate the various combinations of layers depending on how many 
layers the original image contained.  Or how many visible layers it contained. 
 Or whatever -- I'm sure you can see where this is going.

You can do this in scheme if you're on windows, or in scheme or Perl  if 
you're running Linux.  The PDB explorer in the toolbox Xtns menu will give you 
details on all of the gimp functions you'll need.



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