Okay, I've installed the freetype plug-in for Gimp (1.2.3). And it shows up in 
the plugin details list...

But how do I use it? Nothing seems to have changed. What does this plug-in do? 
Is it something I can access? 

I was told this was a good plug-in for text, but I'm not seeing any way to use 
it, and certainly no instructions. :-/

Can someone explain exactly how to put this plug-in to use?

While I'm at it, I'm noticing none of my True-type fonts are showing up at all 
in the text tool. And I've got quite a few installed. I'm running KDE 3.1beta 
and the TT fonts are available in KDE programs as well as OpenOffice. Is 
there something I need to do to get them accessible in a GTK program? I have 
Gnome2 installed, but never use it.

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