Try reducing the "Effect Size" parameter in the Neon script arguments GUI.

I'm not sure exactly how it is used in the script, but in general it seems
larger numbers make the neon glow more blurred, and smaller numbers are less
On my Windows installation the default was too large, and completely blurred
out the image I was trying to use.  I reduced it by a third and the results
were much better.


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On Friday 06 September 2002 11:08, Allen, Keith wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to create a simple GIF with some "fancy" text for
> inclusion on a web page.  I want to use the "neon" script-fu to make
> the text look like it is neon-lighted.  I created a new image (RGB)
> with a white background.  Then I created text with the dynamic text
> rendering filter.  Next, I selected the layer created by that filter,
> and selected the text on the image.  I next invoked the script-fu
> using the defaults.  The script, however, does not seem to work.  It
> seems to clear the text and creates two new layers with the neon blue
> color and black background color, but they are just solid colors.  No
> neon effect.
> Am I not using this script-fu correctly (I couldn't find
> instructions)?  Or do script-fu not work well on Windows?  I am
> running the latest GIMP version on the windows page.  It's installed
> on a Windows 2000 Pro computer with 500M RAM.
> I tried a few of the other text-logo script-fu and they also did not
> work. Otherwise, GIMP seems to work all right.  Thanks.
> Keith Allen

Other than the fact you are using Windows, the plugin should work.  ;o)

I have used this effect before with Gimp and it works quite nicely, but 
then I am on Linux too!  :o)  Have you tried just taking some text and 
nothing else and applying the plugin?  You could do that and then add 
the text to the picture as another layer, if that works.  I have always 
just used the text I wanted for this plugin and that has worked for me.  
One of the experts here may have another solution.  I am not sure how 
many Gimp/Windows users we have on the list, but I would think someone 
has a solution, if mine doesn't work for you.

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