Jon I would like to apologize, I guess I did not activate my 
second-level-joke-module reading your post.


Jon Winters wrote:
> Um... I don't understand your post.  Isn't the checkerboard plugin what
> the dude was looking for?

others wrote:
 >Hi Phillipe.
 >He wasn't attacking you - there really is a "Psychobilly" option on 
the >checkerboard renderer, and it's kind of 70's psychedelic-looking, 
like >from the old San Francisco peace&dope culture. "dope" = marijuana. 
It >was just a joke.
 >Regards, K.

Philippe Rousselot.

utilisateur GNU/Linux #275608

Any similarities to real life is completely fictitious.
Nor trees or animals were harmed in the composition of this email message.
However, a number of electrons were moderately inconvenienced.


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