Hi everybody,

I thought it could be of interest for Gimp developers and users alike to learn 
about a short animation movie project my wife and I are working on.
This project will entirely drawn using the Gimp, with a Wacom Intuos 2 tablet 
on a Slackware linux system. The currently used version of Gimp is the 1.2.3 
but we may move to newer versions if appropriate.
The project itself has been submitted to the french cinema administration 
which is the main financial source for movies in France, so it may never 
actually be developped, but I've put very quickly in place a small site to 
display some screenshots of what could be done with this wonderful piece of 
software. The address is : http://mapage.noos.fr/s_vdb.

I hope you will be pleased to see another example of your software at work.
Of course, this mail is not entirely innocent : there are some little 
enhancements or maybe plugins that would really facilitate the use of Gimp as 
an animation platform. The current Video and Animation plugins are nice 
enough, but they are more appropriate to develop web animations than for 
animation movies. We have some ideas of what to do to make Gimp viable as a 
"Draw and Paint" program, but the only programing language that I know is 
Fortran and it would not be of much use here. :-)
Note that we will use Gimp anyway, even without specific animation 
enhancements. But if some have time to spare, I have some ideas to submit to 

Again, thank you for this marvelous program.

Best regards,

Richard Van Den Boom
Arkeia Europe
"Publisher of Arkeia, Enterprise Network Backup"
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