1) Open texture.bmp
2) Layers -> Flatten Image
3) Save As ~/.gimp-1.2/patterns/texture.pat  (select PAT for file type)
4) Open the shapes you want to fill
5) Double-click the bucket tool.  Select Pattern Fill.
6) Click on the current pattern in the tool palette.  Click refresh.
   Select your pattern
7) Click on the shapes.  Voila.

On Wed, 2002-10-02 at 05:32, The Luu Family :0) wrote:
> Say i made a texture and saved it to a file named texture.bmp
> and i have another picture file named shapes.bmp with shapes in em and i =
> want to fill those shaped with the texture i have...
> i think this is called texture wrapping, would i do this?
> Thanks :0)

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