I'm a new gimp user, running under Windows, and just beginning to get
acquainted with gimp's features and capabilities.  I've tried using gimp
interactively and found that it has some very nice capabilities, including
several that I need for a current project.  Now I need to automate what I've
been able to do interactively.  Using some combination of batch files plus
gimp's built-in scripting capabilities, I'm hopeful this can be
accomplished.  I'm a veteran batch and script file writer, but not familiar
with gimp's scripting capabilities, and was hoping that someone could give
me a jump start in the right direction with some example code and/or

What I need to do is as follows:

1. supply a directory on which the following steps should be executed,
preferably via a dialogue of some type

2. check if any files remain in the directory to be processed, if not then

3. check the file's extension (or actual type), if tif then proceed,
otherwise return to step 2 for the next file

4. check the file's graphics mode, if indexed (or preferably 3-4 bit
grayscale?) then proceed, otherwise return to step 2 for the next file

5. open the file with gimp

6. change the mode to indexed based on a specified palette (or preferably
3-4 bit grayscale?)

7. save the file

8. return to step 2 for the next file

If anyone out there can help me out with a simple script which can
accomplish the above steps or something close to it, then I would certainly
appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.

Kevin M.
Round Rock, Texas

P.S. - I'll discuss 3-4 bit grayscale in a separate email.

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