I try to develop a plug ins to gimp in scheme. I need to get a layer by 
it's name.

I didn't find a direct function to do that. If you know one, could you temll 
it to me?  But, I found the function called: gimp-image-get-layers() but, the 
returned value are in fact 2 values, an array and the number of item of this 

I success to separate the number and the array.

But I don't know how to access the array, I tried to use car and cdr 
functions, but, I still can't get the values in the array which seems 
different than a list. Could you tell me by an example how to get one entry in 
a Array in s scheme?

I'm a beginner in scheme, I only know others languages like C/C++/PHP... I 
understood the main lines of this languages, but I didn't find informations 
about arrays.

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