I would like to develop some gimp scripts and/or plug-ins where I need to
obtain the coordinates from a user's mouse click within the image.  This
might preferably be the image coordinates of the mouse when the user right
clicked to get the pop-up menu, or could instead perhaps be in response to a
request to click within the image from the script or plug-in.

The scripts that I would like to develop are related to automatic digitizing
of values from scanned images of hardcopy documents.  It's critical that the
user be able to click within the image to identify the points that are
needed to translate raw image coordinates into the coordinate system that
they are working in.

Does anyone out there know if/how there is any way to obtain the coordinates
of a mouse click via a gimp script or plug-in?  If this can be done, then I
believe that it would allow gimp to serve as the basis for a number of power
image analysis tools that require user specification of image coordinates.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Kevin M.
Round Rock, Texas

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