[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-10-16 at 1712.59 +0200):
> If you want to save an image with transparenz, save it as .gif or
> .png. Other formats don't allow transparent images.

Some other formats support transparency, but for web, gif and png are
the best (anybody seen mng in webpages other than demos?). As "work in
progress" format, use .xcf (gimp native format, supports layers,
guides and other interesting info) or its compressed versions .xcf.gz
and .xcf.bz2 (gimp handles all if you write a name like foo.xcf.bz2 in
the save dialog, and loads them back without extra job too, just write
the name or click the list).

Check for more info about formats:
http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/~mxr/gfx/ (fails for me currently)
http://www.audre.org/GraphicFAQ/ (mirror of first link)

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