Am Mit, 2002-10-16 um 23.27 schrieb Hans - Walter Gardt:
> Try Script Fu rounding edge (in German: Abrunden) maybe it suits for the 
> purpose your question is at.
> -- 

i guessed that, unfortunately almost none of the script-fus work with
gimp-1.3 in my localized (german) gnome2-environment, because of some
confusion about floating point numbers (in german it's "1,0" instead of
"1.0" so i about always get error-messages). i've seen this bug is
already reported. can this easily - until it's officially fixed - be
corrected by a few hacks, or will this require some more work and
knowledge about gimp's internals? did anyone make it work?

the tutorial at did it for me. it's not exactly
how i'd like it, a better solution might be a "roundness" option in the
rectangular-selection-property-tab, but at least, it works.

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