I'm using gimp 1.2.4 under Windoze 2K, and am about to embark upon creating
some script-fu scripts.  For plug-ins, there is a Directories->Plug-Ins
setting in the gimp Preferences dialogue where you can specify the directory
for user-defined scripts.  Reading Mike Terry's web pages on script-fu, it
appears that there ought to be a similar setting for scripts, but there
isn't one as far as I can tell.  How does the gimp know where to find
user-defined scripts?

I would strongly prefer not to add my scripts to the gimp installation
directory along with the install supplied scripts.  Also, I would like for
my scripts to be available to all users on my machine, rather than only to a
specific user, so I would prefer to have my user-defined scripts directory
under "\Documents and Settings\All Users", rather than under the
subdirectory for the installing user which gimp appears to use by default.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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