On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, Adam Harrison wrote:

> I was wondering is anyone has created preset's to emulate the color
> curves/seturation levels of specific films. I would like to take pictures
> from my digital camera, which seems to have pretty normal color values,
> and have a filter that would make the image have the color values if it
> was shot with Fuji Velvia 50 or the now discontinued Kodak Royal Gold
> 25. Or even some of the warm or cold tone black and white films.

Such filters would not work because each digital camera has its own way of
seeing color.  Have a look at any of the web sites where you can see side
by side image comparasons and you'll see.  The color is all over the


Even different cameras from the same manufacturer handle color in
different ways.

Now having said that... You can save curves to run against images from
_your_ camera to make it shift colors in different ways simmilar to the
films that you like.

Find something that you photographed with film and go photograph the same
object using your digital camera.  In the Gimp adjust the curves until the
color matches the film example of the image.  Save your curves and you've
done it!  In theory you should be able to run the same profile against
most other images from your digital camera with simmilar results.

Hope this helps.
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