It all works but I don't understand......

Under debian woody I have the gimp 1.2 and gimp-print. I've set my
Epson 640 printer as my default printer by means of magicfilter
according to the following scheme:

1) lp is 360 dpi
2) lp720 is 720x720 dpi
3) lp1440 is 1440x720 dpi

Now, using the print command under the gimp I have (tentatively)
selected in 'setup printer' the epson 640 as my printer, and lp as my
printer name.

It works! But I find it all a bit confusing....

I mean I've chosen lp (which is 360 dpi to me) and I've selected other
resolutions than the 1). Then why should I tell the Gimp what my
printer is? Isn't already selected by magicfilter? Shouldn't be enough
to select printer name only (either lp, or lp720 or lp1440)?

Is there anyone out there able to explain the basic of printing with
the gimp?


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