Going back to the desktop wallpaper I created for myself: The wallpaper utilises only two colours, one for the background and one for any graphics/objects on the background, basically a "black & white" background but using two differant colours instead of b & w.

I would like to take a photographic image and convert the image to only two colours ... with the subject of the photograph (say, a person) in the foreground colour and the rest in the background colour, effectively making a silouette(sp) of the photo's subject.

So basically I need to rubber band the subject of the photograph (I would assume some method of masking would be best here) and convert the photo to only the two colours I am using, but my fiddling around has so far not gotten me anywhere.

Any tips? Sorry, I am an absolute novice with image editing/manipulation. I am reading some of the online gimp guides/manuals but that only gets me so far!


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