Mark Drummond writes:
> I would like to take a photographic image and convert the image to 
> only two colours ... with the subject of the photograph (say, a 
> person) in the foreground colour and the rest in the background 
> colour, effectively making a silouette(sp) of the photo's subject.

I'm pretty sure there are some projects like that in the book "Grokking
the Gimp", at, as well as various ways of
selecting the foreground object.

The straightforward way is to use your favorite technique to make the
selection around the subject (I usually end up making a Bezier path then
doing Path to Selection, but sometimes you can use the magic wand or
other selection tools, depending on the image), use the bucket fill tool
to fill with the foreground color, do Selection->Invert, and use bucket
fill to fill with the background color.

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