Hi all,

Has anybody else experienced problems when trying to change the color of
individual pixels when creating or editing a graphic?
When I try to change the color of individual pixels using the pencil (
with the smallest *point*) the pixel may or may not actually change;
sometimes, actually quite often, the pixels are changed in a seemingly
random order, substituting the surrounding pixels instead of the one that
I clicked on (if I drag the pencil, then blocks of pixels are randomly
This also happens when using the eraser tool.
It is not an actual problem with The Gimp because if I minimise, then
restore the graphic's window then the actual changes made are seen rather
than the *apparent* changes as seen when working on the graphic.
It would seem then that the problem is a rendering one rather than a bug
in The Gimp itself.
I have the exact same problem on my laptop (also with Mandrake 9.0) - so
it's not a problem with the video card - but never experienced it before
using Mandrake 8.2 on either computer.

Maybe I could install The Gimp from source in a directory of it's own away
from Mandrake's installation and therefore avoiding the rendering issues -
would this solve the problem? If so how do I do it and satisfy all the
dependency requirements?


Nigel Ridley.

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