I'm having *exactly* the same problem when using the paint tool or the
clone tool. I posted this problem recently, but your description was
more accurate.  And, yes, it started happening with Mandrake 9.0.  

My husband, the geek in the family, says it's probably a problem with
XFree86, the graphic system, and we have to wait for a fix. It's
difficult when trying to edit and graphic and it does what you want
but doen't render that way!

Glad you posted this problem.

Judy Wilson

* Nigel Ridley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [021031 05:16]:
> Hi all,
> Has anybody else experienced problems when trying to change the color of
> individual pixels when creating or editing a graphic?
> When I try to change the color of individual pixels using the pencil (
> with the smallest *point*) the pixel may or may not actually change;
> sometimes, actually quite often, the pixels are changed in a seemingly
> random order, substituting the surrounding pixels instead of the one that
> I clicked on (if I drag the pencil, then blocks of pixels are randomly
> changed).

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