This is the way I understand it.  

        When you hit the 'setup printer' button in the print dialogue, you will
notice 2 fields.  One is  selection box where Epson Stylus 640 will be
highlighted, and the other is a printer command line.  This says
something like 'lp -s -d lp -o raw', or 'lpr -s -P lp -o raw'.  
        The first argument indicates that you want silent output from the print
system (ie. no reporting on the job to STDOUT).  The second argument
indicates which print queue to send the job to.  
        The third argument is the vital one here:  it tells your printing
system that the output being sent is in raw printer language and not to
filter it through Ghostscript or magicfilter or whatever.
        Basically, Gimp-Print converts the raster image from Gimp into the raw
printer format for the model selected in the first field above.
Resolution, colour and other options are set by Gimp-Print, then sent
straight to the printer device, bypassing your system settings.

I hope you can understand that through my verbosity!


On Fri, 2002-11-01 at 02:08, Vittorio wrote:
    Vittorio [debian-user] <29/10/02 13:18 +0000>:
    > It all works but I don't understand......
    > Under debian woody I have the gimp 1.2 and gimp-print. I've set my
    > Epson 640 printer as my default printer by means of magicfilter
    > according to the following scheme:
    > 1) lp is 360 dpi
    > 2) lp720 is 720x720 dpi
    > 3) lp1440 is 1440x720 dpi
    > Now, using the print command under the gimp I have (tentatively)
    > selected in 'setup printer' the epson 640 as my printer, and lp as my
    > printer name.
    > It works! But I find it all a bit confusing....
    > I mean I've chosen lp (which is 360 dpi to me) and I've selected other
    > resolutions than the 1). Then why should I tell the Gimp what my
    > printer is? Isn't already selected by magicfilter? Shouldn't be enough
    > to select printer name only (either lp, or lp720 or lp1440)?
    > Is there anyone out there able to explain the basic of printing with
    > the gimp?
    > Ciao
    > Vittorio
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