Thanks Andrew. I gave this a shot but it does not seem to work ... I think maybe because the foreground and background colours are not distinct enough. I think I will look at using bezier curves ... got some reading to do!

Andrew Wilson wrote:

Have you tried using the threshold tool (rightclick->image->colors->threshold)? That will break the photo down into black and white based on the levels. So long as the object I want is the focus of the image is usually does pretty well. You can then use fuzzy select to change the colors to whatever you want.


On Thursday 31 October 2002 02:58, Mark Drummond wrote:

Going back to the desktop wallpaper I created for myself: The
wallpaper utilises only two colours, one for the background and one
for any graphics/objects on the background, basically a "black &
white" background but using two differant colours instead of b & w.

I would like to take a photographic image and convert the image to
only two colours ... with the subject of the photograph (say, a
person) in the foreground colour and the rest in the background
colour, effectively making a silouette(sp) of the photo's subject.

So basically I need to rubber band the subject of the photograph (I
would assume some method of masking would be best here) and convert
the photo to only the two colours I am using, but my fiddling
around has so far not gotten me anywhere.

Any tips? Sorry, I am an absolute novice with image
editing/manipulation. I am reading some of the online gimp
guides/manuals but that only gets me so far!


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