I don't  think KDE and GIMP do not share fonts in anyway.  As far as I can
tell there are two ways to use ttf fonts with the GIMP on a UNIX box.  The
first and probably the best way is to let X11 handle it.  The problem with
this is I be dammed if I can get it to work on a Debian machine.  Nor can I
find any one that seems to have the definitive answer on how to make it
work.  The second way is to install the FreeType Plug-in like you mentioned,
this does not interact with the text tool though.  It is a separate plug-in
under Filters->Render->Free Type I think.  It has a few issues to work out
but all in all it seems too work well.  This is what I wound up doing and I
have not had any trouble with it.  In fact if there was a way to do it I
would just make it my default text tool, it would be more efficient.

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I use FreeBSD 4.7-stable, Gimp version 1.2.3, KDE 3.0.4 and X11 4.2.x.  I
recently installed several .ttf fonts using KDE's Font Installer.  I did
specifically so that I could utilize them with Gimp.  They are working just
fine in X11/KDE but I cannot get them to list in the Gimp's font-list.

I've searched everywhere (including this list's archive) for a fix and the
only thing I could find was a site that suggested installing the
mod?  I did this and the install went just fine (after i linked gtk12-config
to gtk-config) but these new fonts are still not showing in Gimp.

I'm sure that I'm just missing something here (maybe a line in gimprc) but I
can't seem to figure out what.  Is there anyone on this list that might have
experience with this who could help me out?

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