After installing Mandrake9.0, editing xfree86config-4 and doing some other 
things I realised that something with my tablet is terribly wrong. It appears 
to be software problem. Gimp - 1.2.3
In previous Mandrake8.2 it worked fine.Now, when I move the pen OVER tablet's 
surface, image becomes slighty fuzzy in that place. NOTE: on 300% zoom 
everything is ok ! That's weird.

When using ink tool, once pen is pressed and released, it still leaves very 
thin line. It ends when I press the pen again. Zooming in doesn't help.

3: the pen often gets stuck on current GIMP window - image, main window etc.
This one is particulary interesting, because I can use tablet instead of mouse 
for other programs, and everything is ok.

4: after pressing CTRL-K and moving pen over surface, it gradually reveals 
cleared image.

I'm pretty sure I installed tablet properly .  GIMP recognizes both stylus and 
eraser, pressure sensivitity works fine...

Do you have any idea what can cause those problems ? Should I recompile GIMP 
with certain functions, options, plugins (whatever) ? I've never done this 


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