> Hello,
> How can I move selections 1 pixel? According to the documentation, the default
> shortcut should be ALT+arrow key, but it doesn't work with my system (gimp
> 1.2.3 on Mandrake 9.0).
> Also, ALT+leftmousebutton moves the whole image, instead of the selection
> path, as it should be by default.

This is because your window manager is intercepting the keybindings and does not
transmit them to gimp.
solution: if you are using Enlightenment, Window Maker or Blackbox (and sons),
there is a possibility by pressing ctrl (or shift) + alt+leftmouse button. Some
other WM may also have this feature working. IIRC, KDE 3 is configured or can be
configured from the KDE control center to behave this way. For KDE 2, it's a
little more tricky, but I guess if you are using Mdk 9.0, you won't use KDE 2.



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