> i'd like to know how i can draw a diagram with
> straight lines and boxes with gimp. i've searched
> around but the closest i could get was how to draw
> pixels with paint brush - this doesn't help me much
> when trying to make lone straight lines

Let's see. . . .

Drawing a Box

1.  Choose the rectangle select tool.
2.  Draw a box that matches the borders you want.
3.  Fill the box with the FG color (Edit->Fill->Foreground or 
4.  Choose Select->Shrink.
5.  Fill the box with the BG color (Edit->Fill->Background or 
6.  You have a rectangle with a border the foreground color filled with BG 

Drawing a long line

1.  With pencil tool (brush if you want fuzzy edges to the line), select 
the start point.
2.  Holding down the shift key, select the end point.

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