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If I use gimp, it is because I do not want to steal photoshop. ;-)

Catherine McMillan wrote:
> You could go to Google images, and just steal one. :-)
If you add "freeware" to your search string it' s not even stealing.

> On Tue, 19 Nov 2002, Philippe Rousselot wrote:
>>Sorry this is somewhat out of topics.
>>I am not a talented artist, and I am looking for drawing indicating that
>>the site is under construction. yellow cones, men at work sign etc.
>>(copyright notice will be restected)
>>I am also looking for a nice 'made with Gimp' logo
>>Thanks in advance
For the "made with the Gimp" logo it would be sacrilege not to try "Script Fu > Logos".
There must be something there that grabs you.
Denis McCauley
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