On Fri, 2002-11-22 at 07:42, Niklas wrote:
> The 1.3.x versions are development versions and should not be used for
> all around work yet. The filters are still being ported and that will

Well, I _am_ using gimp 1.3 for real work.  I wish to help with testing
and bug reporting.  If I don't do real work with the Gimp then I'm not
doing a very good job testing the software, am I. :)

My main goal behind the question was to find out if Gimp 1.3 had some
alternative, native (non-plugin) way of doing what the channel mixer
plugin does.  But since it doesn't, I'll just wait for the plugin to get
ported to 1.3.  Or, perhaps I'll port it myself.

Thanks for your reply, Niklas.


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