hi, is there any way to start gimp so that if there is already another instance of the gimp running (by current user, or on same display, etc.), gimp just uses the earlier-running (1st) instance, instead of starting up a whole new instance?

there are many programs that do this. and it makes sense in the gimp, too, because the gimp can have more than one image open. so why start a 2nd (or more) instance of the gimp?

the reason i ask this is because if i use gqview and look at several jpegs in a directory with gqview, and then right-click on a thumbnail of one of the images, and choose, ¨Edit | in the Gimp¨, then it will start up the Gimp and open that file so i can edit it. so far, great. now, if i do the same thing for another thumbnail, it starts up a whole new instance (2nd running copy) of the Gimp each time. since there is already a running instance of the gimp, it would be nice to use the currently-running copy.

also, gqview does offer a way to change the list of available image editors, and their command line arguments, which is nice. so it would seem to me that the easiest way to get the behavior i am seeking would be if the gimp had such a command-line flag/option available. but maybe there is another way?

anyway, i could find no such command-line flag listed in the man page for the Gimp, nor in the manual at http://manual.gimp.org , nor in the user faq at http://www.rru.com/~meo/gimp/faq-user.html , etc etc.. so i was wondering if anyone here knew.. is there any way to do this?

thank you,
jeff stern

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