Do you have a selection in the clipboard when you create the new image? 
If so, the GIMP uses the selection size for a new image by default. 
There may be a way to alter this, but in 1.2.3, it is not in the
preferences menu.  As a workaround, you could try creating the image
before you cut/copy something to paste into it, but then how does one
clear the clipboard buffer?  I don't really know.

Maybe this will get you started though...



On Wed, 2002-12-11 at 20:12, Joseph A Nagy Jr wrote:
    I've set my default image size for 468x60 as I plan on creating mostly
    banners. Instead of the new image dialog box being set at 468x60, it
    pretty much randomizes what it's set at. One time it was 550x77, the
    next time it was 770xXX (I forget the exact dimensions). Whats going on
    here? Why won't GIMP take my settings for the default image size?
    Joseph A Nagy Jr <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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