On Tue, 2002-12-10 at 00:33, Jeff Stern wrote:
> hi, is there any way to start gimp so that if there is already another 
> instance of the gimp running (by current user, or on same display, 
> etc.), gimp just uses the earlier-running (1st) instance, instead of 
> starting up a whole new instance?

> anyway, i could find no such command-line flag listed in the man page 
> for the Gimp, nor in the manual at , nor in the 
> user faq at , etc etc.. so i 
> was wondering if anyone here knew.. is there any way to do this?

This looks more like a problem with gqview. IMO it seems like gqview
wants to open a _new_ GIMP and run the image in there. I don't think
GIMP is the problem with this that might be the reason to why there is
nothing about the things you are looking for.

Have you asked the same question to the people behind gqview? Maybe they
have better answers?

IMHO gqview should see that there is a GIMP opened and open it with a
new image or something simular.


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