On Sat, 14 Dec 2002, David Burren wrote:
> This is where you'd get into religious bunfights if you took away the
> current interface.  If a single-window interface was available, it
> should be selectable.  The multi-window interface is one of the things I
> love about the Gimp.  I already have a window manager running which can
> take care of them, so why not use it?

Because it's cleaner and more uniform throughout (and from computer to
computer, window manager to window manager) to let he program handle it.
And yes, I can't imagine it would be hard to make selectable. But for a
PhotoPaint poweruser, who is used to a much better UI than even PhotoShop
because of the way it handles its MDI interface, it should be considered.
PhotoShop doesn't do MDI/toolbar usage justice. PhotoPaint does.

The other point regarding this is that desktop managers are becoming ever
more popular on UNIX. The icons seeping through between my dialogs is
quite distracting. A solid gray is preferable.

> I'm one of those people who use virtual workspaces (10 of them in fact).
> I often have Gimp windows clustered in one workspace, but it's useful to
> have Gimp windows pop up in other workspaces and in fact sometimes I
> have Gimp windows appearing in multiple workspaces.

This is just fine. I have used Gimp on its own desktop, and it was better.
Again, I don't like the fact that alt-tab would select the individual
windows (I know, wm); I think it would be great if it could be made so
that the GIMP "mother-window" would take care of its children for me. :)

> When you talk about each window "show[ing] up in the task list when
> alt-tabbing", that would be a function of your window manager (or are
> you running under "Windows"?).  You may be able to configure your WM
> to be more helpful (e.g. by dropping some window names from the list).

No, no, this is Gnome2 with Metacity. As I was typing that last eMail, I
did consider that possibility of hiding windows. This would work great
with some wm's, but Metacity doesn't do that (to the best of my
knowledge). Again, going back to the uniform design concept, this would
ideally be controlled by the gimp, and not the window manager.

Note how both PhotoShop and PhotoPaint have their own dock design with
smaller title bars and custom roll-up buttons, not relying on Windows'
(lacking) window manager.

> BTW, my comments are based on experience with 1.2.x - can't comment on 1.3.

In terms of window handling, 1.3 is the same as 1.2. I was kind of hoping
this would change somewhere along the way.


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