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> On Sat, 14 Dec 2002, David Burren wrote:
> > This is where you'd get into religious bunfights if you took away the
> > current interface.  If a single-window interface was available, it
> > should be selectable.  The multi-window interface is one of the things I
> > love about the Gimp.  I already have a window manager running which can
> > take care of them, so why not use it?
> Because it's cleaner and more uniform throughout (and from computer to
> computer, window manager to window manager) to let he program handle it.
> And yes, I can't imagine it would be hard to make selectable. But for a
> PhotoPaint poweruser, who is used to a much better UI than even PhotoShop
> because of the way it handles its MDI interface, it should be considered.
> PhotoShop doesn't do MDI/toolbar usage justice. PhotoPaint does.
> The other point regarding this is that desktop managers are becoming ever
> more popular on UNIX. The icons seeping through between my dialogs is
> quite distracting. A solid gray is preferable.
> > I'm one of those people who use virtual workspaces (10 of them in fact).
> > I often have Gimp windows clustered in one workspace, but it's useful to
> > have Gimp windows pop up in other workspaces and in fact sometimes I
> > have Gimp windows appearing in multiple workspaces.
> This is just fine. I have used Gimp on its own desktop, and it was better.
> Again, I don't like the fact that alt-tab would select the individual
> windows (I know, wm); I think it would be great if it could be made so
> that the GIMP "mother-window" would take care of its children for me. :)
> > When you talk about each window "show[ing] up in the task list when
> > alt-tabbing", that would be a function of your window manager (or are
> > you running under "Windows"?).  You may be able to configure your WM
> > to be more helpful (e.g. by dropping some window names from the list).
> No, no, this is Gnome2 with Metacity. As I was typing that last eMail, I
> did consider that possibility of hiding windows. This would work great
> with some wm's, but Metacity doesn't do that (to the best of my
> knowledge). Again, going back to the uniform design concept, this would
> ideally be controlled by the gimp, and not the window manager.
> Note how both PhotoShop and PhotoPaint have their own dock design with
> smaller title bars and custom roll-up buttons, not relying on Windows'
> (lacking) window manager.
> > BTW, my comments are based on experience with 1.2.x - can't comment on
> In terms of window handling, 1.3 is the same as 1.2. I was kind of hoping
> this would change somewhere along the way.
> --Pat
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