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> Hello,
> I am having an issue with a Script that I have written being called from the
> command line.
> Here is what I am trying to do.  I have written a script using Scheme that runs
> great when I have Gimp loaded up (ie not from the command line).  No problems, 
> does everything that I want. The real point of the script is to automate some 
> image resizing from the command line.  I know that many of you out there are
> going to point out that ImageMagick will do what I am looking for. I have
> already gone down that path and the image quality of the scaled images is not up
> to the quality that client wants.  However, I can make a better, smaller image
> using Gimp....now I just need to make it completely automated.
> here is the rub.....
> I have the script streamlined down and everything is set to be
> non-interactive.   So i should just be able to pass in the variables and away we
> go....  My thinking is obviously flawed here as it doesn't quite work. 
> here is how I am calling the script:....
> gimp -b '(script-fu-automated-resize 1 "200" "200"
> "/export/home/matt/toprocess/Imagein.jpg"
> "/export/home/matt/toprocess/Imageout.jpg")' '(gimp-quit 0)'
> The script takes in a height, width, beginning image and output image.  I pass
> it a 1 before all of that for non-interactive.  The script is designed to open
> the beginning image, resize accordingly, and then save to the output image.  
> I get the following response.....
> batch command: executed successfully.
> One would think that I should be able to check my system and I should see the
> end image....nope....nada...nothing.  If I change the option of 1 to 0 to run in
> interactive mode...I get the prompt for the default values of the script.
> Height, Width, Image to process....final image.  If I enter those in, click the
> ok button....it runs like a champ.  What am I missing?  I have the
> non-interactive bit set on the file open which I assume is what is causing this
> dialog to pop up.
> Any ideas? tips? Pointer? References?  Anyone already have a  thumbnail script
> that works in this way that can shed some light on the subject?
> Matt Patterson
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