Tom Williams wrote:
> *)  How does the "Xtns/Script-Fu" menu differ from the "Script-Fu" pop-up
> menu?

(Answering the questions Michael didn't)
The scripts and plugins in Xtns create a new image -- they're not
tied to any existing image.  The ones in the Image popup menu do things
on the current image.

> *)  What books on the gimp are recommended?  Beginner and intermediate
> level books would be great.

I learned a lot from "Grokking the Gimp" -- preview it at

Stephen J. Baker wrote:
>   Q: I'm trying to paint and nothing is happening - what did I
>      do wrong?                                                

That gets my vote for the #1 question on the FAQ!  It was definitely what
kept me in xv or paintshop pro instead of gimp when I was getting started.

>   A: Eeek! There are about 1e6 things that could be:
>        * You are painting outside of the selection. 

And you may not realize this because the "marching ants" may not be
shown for some reason.

>        * You've picked some kind of 'do nothing' paint.
>        * Your paint colour is the same as the background.
>        * You are painting to a layer that's hidden.      
>        * You are painting to a layer that's rendered at
>          100% transparency.
>        * Try hitting 'Layers/Anchor'.
>        * Try hitting 'Layers/Layer-to-Image-Size'.

The two causes I hit most often:
         * You are painting outside of the layer (because you have
           the wrong layer selected)
         * You are painting to a layer that somehow got "preserve
           transparency set" (which leads to a new FAQ: Why does that
           bit sometimes get set without my setting it?)

>        ...and lots of others...                   

I used to hit this problem even back before I knew about layers, when
nothing was selected, and I still don't know what was causing it ...

>        * Look - just save the image, restart GIMP and
>          load it back in again - I'm too busy to figure
>          it out.

Ouch.  (That doesn't necessarily solve it, though, since when you reload
you may still end up on the wrong layer or whatever.)

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