"Hogeweg, Erwin (IndSys, GE Interlogix)" wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to create an image as if a text were 'embossed' in a colored sheet of paper...


Short answer: Bump Map (Filters->Map->Bump Map)
Long Answer:

1. New image.
2. Add two layers
   a. Layer "Paper" Midtone gray (#888888) or unsaturated color tint
      (say #aaaa88 for an unsaturated yellow)
   b. Layer "Text" Black on white
3. Blur "Text" layer slightly (approximately 5 pixels, starting value)
4. Make "Paper" Active layer
5. Filters->Map->Bump Map...
6. In dialog, Select "Text" layer for "Bump Map: Parameter setting.
7. Use scroll bars to pan around "Paper" layer preview, until you locate text image
8. Experiment with other parameters
9. Hit "OK" when you've got it.

Have fun. And remember, there's always more than one way to do it.


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