Thus spoke John Culleton
> The preferences I referred to are for PS output and include such
> items as:
> Encapsulated Postscript (my preference)
> Zero horizontal and vertical offset (my preference)
> Inches instead of pixels for dimensions (my preference)
> The Preferences dialog doesn't cover these details.
> I don't mind specifying PS output. It's these other details that have
> to be reset in the same way on every run. 

Hmmm.  I guess there may be a bug (or feature, depending on your point of
view) where file plug-ins don't maintain their last setting in the gimprc
file.  Also, the file-format specific file plug-ins are the place where 
preferences of this nature must be set.  It's a trade off for how versatile
plug-ins can be (supporting another format means dropping in another
plug-in instead of recompiling all of GIMP).  What probably needs to be
addressed is how well (or even if) file plug-ins (which are kind of special
plug-ins from a developers perspective) save their last set configurations.

I haven't checked if there is a bug written against this issue.  It is
probably worth while to write such a bug report if there isn't one yet
since it's a reasonable request and a useful feature for future releases.

Of course, this feature may already exist for the PS file plug-in but its
just not being used correctly.  I haven't verified that possibility yet (I
don't use the PS output format much).
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