> >>> *)  How does the "Xtns/Script-Fu" menu differ from the "Script-Fu"
> pop-up
> >>> menu?
> > Huh?  I'm not sure what the "Script-Fu" pop up menu is.
> When I right-click on an image and get the context menu, there is a
> "Script-Fu" option at the bottom.  That is the "Script-Fu pop-up"  I was
> referring to.  :)

Ah.  Well the difference is not cut in stone, but essentially Xtns->Script-Fu
provides filters which generate new images while the ScriptFu pop-up menu
provides filters which act upon the current active canvas.

This isn't completely accurate, but it's a good way to think of it.  The
Xtns menu doesn't apply to a specific canvas.  But nearly all the items in
the pop-up menu apply to the current active canvas.
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