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> image resizing from the command line.  I know that many of you out there are
> going to point out that ImageMagick will do what I am looking for. I have
> already gone down that path and the image quality of the scaled images is not up

Then you probably have done sth. wrong, as ImageMagick's algorithms are
way superior (and way slower ;) to the mere cubic interpolation gimp uses.

Are you sure you tried sth. like:

   convert sourcefile -filter mitchell -geometry <newgeometry> destfile

also, other filters than the mitchell filter (which is usually best) are
also worth a try, "cubic" for example should rather closely match gimp's

> The script takes in a height, width, beginning image and output image.  I pass
> it a 1 before all of that for non-interactive.  The script is designed to open

Well, I am no scirpt-fu expert, but I get a lot of mail that tells me that
scirpt-fu simply doesn't work noninteractively, or at leats not correctly,
or returns too earfly etc.. etc..

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