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On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 04:26:26PM -0800, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> >>> *)  How does the "Xtns/Script-Fu" menu differ from the "Script-Fu"
> pop-up
> >>> menu?
> When I right-click on an image and get the context menu, there is a
> "Script-Fu" option at the bottom.  That is the "Script-Fu pop-up"  I was
> referring to.  :)

Well, they are completey different. Or, put another way:

The right-click-menu (image menu) contains operations/plug-ins that work
on the active/current image. The filters and script-fu entries use the
underlying image as one of their arguments.

The Xnts-menu (the whole toolbox, actually) contains effects and plug-ins
(and other operations) that work without images (for example, there is no
file/save). Most plug-ins in the toolbox or xtns-menu create new images.

As a sidenote, the fully artificial distinction between script-fu-plug-ins
and other plug-ins confuses a lot of users (the same is true for the xtns
menu. I fail to see why a user must memorize that a specific plug-in is
wirtten in C, Perl, or script-fu, just to _use_it). All of these should
just be moved to their correct location, ending this confusig double-life.

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